STEVE IRWIN Spirit Box - He Talks About HEAVEN! (The Crocodile Hunter)
STEVE IRWIN Spirit Box - He Talks About HEAVEN! (The Crocodile Hunter)
Today we attempt get in contact with the spirit of Steve Irwin. I use my crystal clear spirit box device to receive messages from who I believe to be Steve Irwin's spirit. I cannot guarantee that this is the spirit of Steve Irwin, but I would love to hear what you think in the comment section down below!

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  • Chloe Lynn
    Chloe Lynn

    Try Luke Perry pleaseeeee

  • birchply023

    What about john bonham drummer

  • Penny Vestina
    Penny Vestina

    This session was amazing! It sounded just like him! What an amazing session. He was such an awesome dude. And yes his children are following in his footsteps for sure especially Robert looks just like him!!!

  • Gene Carey gordon
    Gene Carey gordon

    Do big L

  • scratch awinner
    scratch awinner

    cried like a baby watching this x

  • Miss Firth X
    Miss Firth X

    This is the most beautiful video you've done. I'm sat here crying. Can anyone confirm whether his family have seen this? because I really hope so, I hope it brings them comfort and helps them heal. Steve was a wonderful man who loved everything about our planet and the animals living on it and for his family to carry on his work is the most beautiful thing. The love you feel from him is heartbreaking that he left way before his time.

  • Israel Gabriel
    Israel Gabriel

    Can you contact Lightning Amen 🙏 also known as Charlse McHugh

  • Cameron Dudeney
    Cameron Dudeney

    Do biggie smalls

  • Jason Ranger
    Jason Ranger

    The legendary crocodile Hunter🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Hiliana Perez
    Hiliana Perez

    Being with terri..

  • Sans smith
    Sans smith

    Hey mate!!! Wow😁👍🏼

  • Renay Conner
    Renay Conner

    Sending love and light to you,God bless

  • Cheri Robinson
    Cheri Robinson

    Beautiful message fro. Steve Irwin. I’m sure his children inspired hear dads message and seen forward new families grand daughter watching over them amen blessed families to Irwin. ❤️

  • Tamás Bors
    Tamás Bors

    Do Caius Iulius Caesar!!!

  • Kanani Takeshi
    Kanani Takeshi

    Has anyone tried sending this to bindi or robert???

  • Eshe Hardison
    Eshe Hardison

    I never comment but out of all the sessions this one touched my heart. I definitely felt his energy so loving and comforting 🥰

  • Dionne G. Mosley
    Dionne G. Mosley

    This is amazing it puts a whole new perspective on life!!!!

  • Dionne G. Mosley
    Dionne G. Mosley

    You should so do a show about Bernie Mac.

  • Jalisa Sade
    Jalisa Sade

    Do Uncle Phill From Fresh Prince Of Belair

  • FishChiBo

    Elvis Marilyn Monroe Evelyn Mchale

  • Leti Rice
    Leti Rice

    Growing up because of Steve Irwin, I wanted to be a crocodile hunter just like him haha, I think that sounded like him, cool

  • Bongani King Nsibande
    Bongani King Nsibande

    Bob Marley and Lucky Dube next

  • Sierra Armstrong
    Sierra Armstrong

    This session almost made me cry! I used to love Steve..and I think his family is so beautiful..I hope they watched this video! Thanks for this ❤

  • vanesa grubbs
    vanesa grubbs

    pleaseeee do little peep

  • vanesa grubbs
    vanesa grubbs

    please do little peep please

  • Alexus Rios
    Alexus Rios

    He was great zoo talker I watched him on TV

  • Yxng Scars
    Yxng Scars

    Do Robin Williams 🙏🏽😔

  • Devinah Wylucki
    Devinah Wylucki

    I think every Australia right now is crying all over again 😭we all miss him 😢❤️ he was like a father to everyone.

    • Devinah Wylucki
      Devinah Wylucki

      Even when you had nothing to do with Fame he still welcomed everyone.

  • Austin Sarris ASMR
    Austin Sarris ASMR

    Can u contact my dad chistopher sarris

  • Vicki Kennedy
    Vicki Kennedy

    Thanks Heaps mate 😇 Miss Him👍 from Down under 💖

  • Latoya Hearns
    Latoya Hearns

    Robin williams

  • Bdpjev

    this is very convincing. Wow Steve, sounded just like him. Continue to enhance your equipment. How did you develop a spirit guide. how was the Trust between you two developed?

  • Indy Reading
    Indy Reading

    My dad passed away a couple months and I miss him a lot

  • Similac Aris
    Similac Aris

    Protect you and me all from all bad energy, God bless you all.

  • Colly Land com Privater Support
    Colly Land com Privater Support

    ufff omg ufff this is uffffffff sry

  • Lilith _
    Lilith _

    Wow..just to hear him talk about his children is crazy. He’s probably the least cryptic I’ve heard so far. He gives such direct answer and that accent! No mistaking that that’s Steve

  • A2Z with MnD
    A2Z with MnD

    I feel like this is the most clearance conversation so far ! This is amazing!

  • happy

    hi hun just wanted to said I love your channel and can you do summer moon wells and shanann bella celeste watts please thankyou and God bless you 😇🌏💛💚💜💙👀🕆😎😇💔😭

  • Briyanna Matthews
    Briyanna Matthews


  • KillTheCupcakes

    This was crazy to hear his accent

  • Vanessa Benitez
    Vanessa Benitez

    I wish his kids would hear this

  • Rebecca Boyar
    Rebecca Boyar

    Aww this made me cry hearing him talk about his family. I share their pictures on my Facebook. And I said he would be proud of them. He was so clear too..Especially when he talked about his family and says Mate..

  • king j
    king j

    It's sad man but heartarrming

  • Just_Neeks

    It’s an inconvenience how he died a day after I was born-

  • Edward marapese
    Edward marapese

    Any chance of you contacting billy the kid?

  • Noemi

    Best session ever! 👌❤

  • Sally-Anne Chandler
    Sally-Anne Chandler

    Please do the Delphi murders of the 2 young girls Abby and Libby.

  • Carni 48
    Carni 48

    Steve was such an amazing person... Such a family man and cared deeply about the wild !!!

  • Codie Gesumaria
    Codie Gesumaria

    Steve Irwin is still the celeb death I’m most affected by. I keep up with his kids and granddaughter and wife… this made me so happy and sad too. It’s sad that he misses them and probably still feels pain from the other side

  • Angel Cooper
    Angel Cooper

    We need tupac shakur !

  • Gabe 194b Becerra
    Gabe 194b Becerra

    That box looks fancy with the lights

  • Session Clips
    Session Clips

    Wow so awesome! I’m a believer.

  • Kayleigh Manning
    Kayleigh Manning

    You should contact Amy pitzen. She killed herself but her son is missing and she left a note saying he would never be found. He's been missing since 2011.

  • B Smith Glass
    B Smith Glass

    Do you ever ask about reincarnation, living on other worlds, etc? Also, what about other gods and religions, current and past?

  • Jikook's Child
    Jikook's Child

    Do harriet tubman please

  • Tracey Boyd
    Tracey Boyd

    George Michael and Patrick swayzee 😁

  • Cody Jarvis
    Cody Jarvis

    Wow , Steve has the biggest heart . And still does , always so happy , loves everything, life ..we miss you brother.

  • Barbie B
    Barbie B

    You were so good with the animals,your really missed

  • Violet Ocean
    Violet Ocean

    I really hope that somehow, someway, Steve's family finds this video and gets all the same good vibes and chills that I'm sure we all got watching/listening to this. RIP Steve. He was truly one of the greatest, kindest human's to ever exist.

  • Luigi Viking
    Luigi Viking

    What box is that

  • Ahamill1782

    Such an amazing session! He is so proud of his kids & loves his Terry, glad he came to spend his birthday with her ❤️

  • Nick Colby
    Nick Colby

    Can you make contact with Todd Laffin my uncle he died from heart attack. I wanna know if he is ok in heaven

  • Nick Colby
    Nick Colby

    My bad I just now saw a video about Michael

  • Nick Colby
    Nick Colby

    I loved hearing your session. If you could try make contact with Michael Jackson. If not that’s fine

  • Kaitlyn Jenkins
    Kaitlyn Jenkins

    Did anyone else cry being a 90's baby and remembering hearing his death on the news in front of the tv

  • Tamiah Miranda
    Tamiah Miranda

    This is probably the most clearest one ive watched. ✝️🙏🏾

  • Skyler Altizer
    Skyler Altizer

    He should do one on Robin Williams

  • JMZ

    Im not claiming any bad spirits from this video, may god bless me and everyone watching this video.

  • Leah Stokley
    Leah Stokley

    please do ZARIA BURGESS

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    ChArLiE BeAtZ know that's him

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    Vicky Pridemore

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    beth henderson

    Someone get this to his family asap !!

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    Lilzizi3 Zismith1

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    Shanna Richardson

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  • Peace Maker
    Peace Maker

    mate you speak to quick fast slow down and please put subs underneath your videos sometimes the writing cant read because you have video suggestion to the top left you need to put subs under your videos please..

  • BarnecleBoy666

    Bro, his energy is so vibrant.

  • Keyanna Porter
    Keyanna Porter

    Can you do Richie valens next please

  • Kween Trena
    Kween Trena

    Please do paul walker again..plzzzzz? Ask him if god shows him people that pray for him? Ask him who's Chelsea

  • Kween Trena
    Kween Trena

    Please do paul walker again..plzzzzz? Ask him if god shows him people that pray for him? Ask him who's Chelsea

  • Kween Trena
    Kween Trena

    Please do paul walker again..plzzzzz? Ask him if god shows him people that pray for him? Ask him who's Chelsea

  • Kween Trena
    Kween Trena

    Please do paul walker again..plzzzzz? Ask him if god shows him people that pray for him? Ask him who's Chelsea

  • Kween Trena
    Kween Trena

    Please do paul walker again..plzzzzz? Ask him if god shows him people that pray for him? Ask him who's Chelsea

  • Abbey Allen
    Abbey Allen

    Cody, thank you for everything that you do! This has to be my favorite one so far. Such a huge fan of Steve Irwin and his family. His heart was just something to admire 💜

  • Hanna Carter
    Hanna Carter

    This guy went straight to heaven. Woke up in a big field. Natural change. He seems calm.

  • Chrystal Polk
    Chrystal Polk

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    13 ghosts

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    Ian Allen

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    Kennie Hawkins

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  • Kennie Hawkins
    Kennie Hawkins

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  • Kerri Bennett
    Kerri Bennett

    That was beautiful! Steve’s energy and love for his family, wildlife and just his enthusiasm for life itself is something I truly long for. Thank you for sharing.❤️

  • Amanda Kelhoffer
    Amanda Kelhoffer

    RIP Crocodile Hunter

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    Mari Means

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    Michael leslie Tunnicliff

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    Zertuche Natasha

    God good care of us in my family and keep us safe amen 🙏🏻

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    Bailey Bunny

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