MLK Spirit Box Session | HEAR HIM SPEAK AGAIN! | Martin Luther King JR (2021)
Today, we look to get in contact with the spirit of Martin Luther King Junior (MLK).
In this session after getting in contact with who I believe to be MLK, we ask questions submitted by viewers revolving around today’s day and age and touching on racism and the current division going on throughout the world.

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  • Cody ITC
    Cody ITC

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    • Woo Skillz
      Woo Skillz

      Cody do donte lee ward the family is still seeking the killer the case as been unsolved for 20 years it happened in huntington wv

    • Janelle Lewis
      Janelle Lewis

      Just got the app for iPhone. Wow thanks!

    • bella street
      bella street

      I wanted to know if you could do some that pasted away it’s ones of my family members ? Well 2 of them

    • Ney Ney Skulls
      Ney Ney Skulls

      Can you do my birth mom summer Jenkins she passed from a drug overdose


      did you do rosa parks

  • Natalie Roberts
    Natalie Roberts

    I wish he can talk to my grandpa 😔

  • Jayden .o.
    Jayden .o.

    You think you can do my uncle.? Terrell Zimmerman

  • Tammy Houser
    Tammy Houser

    Amen 🙏


    Can you do a session with Nelson Mandela ?

  • Joyce Asberry
    Joyce Asberry

    Coretta Scott ,King, Rosa Parks.Thanks

  • Alonzo Perez
    Alonzo Perez

    Can u do my grandma she past away a few months ago🥺

  • Tonika

    There is no color, just soul very strong and powerful words.

  • Minaa Mendes
    Minaa Mendes

    How do we know hes just not editing these voices…?

  • GGHB Malo
    GGHB Malo

    Do Malcom X


    God may you protect us all

  • Coco Mulan
    Coco Mulan

    Please do Emmett TILL ‼️❤️

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    China Williams

    Wow I felt that

  • Jaden Mcvay
    Jaden Mcvay

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    Omg that was beautiful and it gave me chills

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    LaDonna Nelson

    Was Jamie your .killier

  • Ron Mc
    Ron Mc

    How can someone get a box like that

    • Ron Mc
      Ron Mc

      Wish I had one

  • Wandering Free
    Wandering Free

    Martin Luther King an American hero. We need him now. Seems like he wasn't an Obama fan.

    • Kamri Kanoy
      Kamri Kanoy

      I think he may have expected more from him like a lot of us did

  • Angelalisa Pitts
    Angelalisa Pitts

    I rebuke any negative & bad spirits from myself & others while watching this video

  • Terrell Durst
    Terrell Durst

    Do you charge to do one of these for families like someone trying to get ahold of someone they loved?

  • M S
    M S

    DO a session of JFK.Thanks.

  • Cash Carter
    Cash Carter

    Can you do left eye

  • Honeybee McCrae
    Honeybee McCrae

    Can you do my baby daddy?? He was shot down 5 times on Fb but no suspects.. How do that make since

  • Reginald B. Campbell jr.
    Reginald B. Campbell jr.


  • KoKoSCreamy

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    Brandy Scott

    Can u do Sandra bland I want to know how she’s doing

  • Diane Wagner
    Diane Wagner

    This was an excellent of the best i think!!

  • 1youginkayla

    could you do my uncle he got shot in mcdonald’s and no one know who did it🥺.

  • Tony Tony
    Tony Tony

    Speak good wyh dead

  • Jeremiah Buford
    Jeremiah Buford

    I do not claim this negative energy lord protect me and my loved ones and the ones viewing

  • aliasss

    Hey Cody!! Love your videos!!! Have you ever thought about trying to contact Emmet Till?

  • Lisa Mathis
    Lisa Mathis

    Wow ! What a powerful message from the other side ! I still remember when he was assassinated and I was just 4 years old. He was definitely a major influence to me and my home state of Georgia . God bless his soul !

  • Ausar Mizrahi
    Ausar Mizrahi


  • Candace

    Is there one on Malcolm X?


    Best session ever‼️ there is no colour...I wish ppl would know this and it was erased from our minds and thought about race period. Unity would be stronger than ever‼️💯💯

  • Bernadette LeDoux
    Bernadette LeDoux

    Martin Luther King Jr. Was killed by a Death killer who killed him. By his father was shot and killed by murder . he sent to prison for killing Martin Luther Jr. and would is in complete war and the government killed him

  • Bernadette LeDoux
    Bernadette LeDoux

    So Martin Luther was dead after his Death killed him with a bolet in him and his life is resting RIP Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Aleisha Barnard
    Aleisha Barnard

    Love this we need to put down all our weapons such an intelligent man

  • acoustic therapy
    acoustic therapy

    Can you do Emmitt Till

  • IndianWolves - Vevo
    IndianWolves - Vevo

    mlk is right we all need to put down our weapons no one is better

  • MyLifeHurts

    I’ve always looked up to him so much..I always found it so cool to even get to share a birthday with him and it made me so sad to hear how he died.


    I have a special request sir so if you would reply to me whenever you can

  • sara2733

    I love you Martin Luther King I got your head I got your shirt I got your cook I love you and I miss you Martin Luther King I love everything about you

  • Amanda Keech
    Amanda Keech

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    The one and only

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    He's absolutely right we need to all put down our weapons no ones better. R.I.P MLK 🙏🏾

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    Peoria Ogle

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    Scott Somkhit

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    JKP Jealousy Killz People

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    JKP Jealousy Killz People

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