Brittany Murphy Spirit Box Session | Was It REALLY Pneumonia? (MYSTERY SOLVED?)
Brittany Murphy Spirit Box Session | Was It REALLY Phenomena? (MYSTERY SOLVED?)

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  • Eccoe Dean
    Eccoe Dean

    I still watch uptown girls and I honestly wish I could see more of her acting

  • Mickey Gomez
    Mickey Gomez

    I miss her.

  • Triza pagan
    Triza pagan

    do Tupac please

  • Iesha Montano
    Iesha Montano

    Spirit box cody itc

  • Iesha Montano
    Iesha Montano

    I would love to contact my grandpa Gilbert Martinez

  • nikois847

    Does this machine talks in other languages too?

  • ShO

    She was taken away too young

  • Angelalisa Pitts
    Angelalisa Pitts

    I do not claim any bad or negative spirits watching this video. Amen

  • Eww

    Hey Cody can I ask u something

  • rhonda turner
    rhonda turner

    Wish you would do Bob Marley

  • Jocelyn Torres
    Jocelyn Torres

    Can you do Selena again please and princess Diana

  • Mr Noddles
    Mr Noddles

    Muhammad Ali would be great😎

  • elizabeth kusce
    elizabeth kusce

    The man she was referring to was Weinstein he assaulted her too.

  • Mariah Tooker
    Mariah Tooker

    Can you do anyone

  • Iamjust_ Mya
    Iamjust_ Mya

    Lili reinhart look just like her

  • Marissa Ann
    Marissa Ann

    Can you do Amy Winehouse?

  • Jennie Todd
    Jennie Todd

    I watched her last movie, The Ramen Girl... Omg it made me feels things , hope, but I also felt sadness. I loved watching her on movies as I felt like her character from Clueless.

  • Gr8fuldeb69

    How come we can hear it but u cant

  • Kidd Cipriano
    Kidd Cipriano

    Got protect me and other from any bad energies or spirits amen

  • Briyanna Matthews
    Briyanna Matthews

    I love her movies 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Emma Chapman
    Emma Chapman

    Can you do Anton Yelchin and ask if his car actually did roll on its own or of he was murdered

  • Maddy Anderson
    Maddy Anderson

    What exactly do you mean that she is losing her energy. Like what does this mean?

  • Whitney Dearing
    Whitney Dearing

    Do Dolores cannon

  • Ben Stoned
    Ben Stoned

    Do 051 melly

    • Kea McKay
      Kea McKay


  • Michaela Ellsworth
    Michaela Ellsworth

    Please do Lloyd Avery ii

  • Robert Culpeppel
    Robert Culpeppel

    God bless the soul of Brittany Murphy 🙏 ❤

  • PoeMoe Godspeed TV
    PoeMoe Godspeed TV

    The swan is on your box

  • Savage Lucky
    Savage Lucky

    Amen 🙏🏽

  • Ace Collin
    Ace Collin


  • Leah Stokley
    Leah Stokley

    I’m beggin you please do ZARIA BURGESS please

  • JessieJ

    Do you do personals?

  • Itz Nya
    Itz Nya

    I'm here to ask for my uncle Charles because i had a bad dream about him. i just want to make sure he's okay

  • Frogger 2455
    Frogger 2455

    Regis would be cool

  • Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters

    That was awesome you get better and better

  • Jessie Balson
    Jessie Balson

    Could you do Bob Hope?

  • jaycene andrews
    jaycene andrews

    please lord keep me safe when and after watching this video... I wish to not claim any bad energy🙏🏽

  • Heathersvids

    How do u know that the spirit has left at the end of the session? How does it make u feel?

  • The rising Phoenix
    The rising Phoenix

    My sprit Whistles in my house if trouble or danger is coming… 🗿

  • Hailey Marie
    Hailey Marie

    Do grace millane!!!

  • Lauren Smart
    Lauren Smart

    Can you contact Lucille ball?

  • Jagoda Śliwa
    Jagoda Śliwa

    River Phoenix, Jonathan Brandis!

  • yeileen.

    can you please do skylar neese? she was murder by her 2 then best friends

  • Zertuche Natasha
    Zertuche Natasha

    Please god get me safe bye me seeing this video amen

  • Matea Pineda
    Matea Pineda

    every time she said simon i was shook

  • edward nadella
    edward nadella

    I love to own one of these machines

  • Elicia Kohlhepp
    Elicia Kohlhepp

    Mary Queen Of Scots please🙏 She’s my cousin🤍

  • Sav

    I do not claim any bad energy watching this video an anyone watching this video god bless you an those who watch this 🙏🏼 ❤️

  • Laurel Owens
    Laurel Owens

    Selena Q, Layne Staley, Chris Cornell, Michael Jackson, Mia Zapata, Kristen Pfaff, Scott Weiland, Sharon Tate, Tupac, John Lennon, Christina Grimmie, Jonbenet Ramsay, Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, Anton Yelchin, Marc Bolan, Jim Morrison, Natalie Wood, Jeff Buckley, Michael Hutchence

  • Stacy Williams
    Stacy Williams

    Please do Lil Peep next!!!!!

  • Wafaa Martin
    Wafaa Martin

    Guys I just realised this is that lady from 8 mile

  • Tabitha Parnell-Sims
    Tabitha Parnell-Sims

    She thought it came out of nowhere but then said they did it.

  • Tabitha Parnell-Sims
    Tabitha Parnell-Sims

    She also said that she was poisoned.

  • CTB derricc
    CTB derricc

    trystan bailey

  • Dorothy Pipkin
    Dorothy Pipkin

    Do Redd fox

  • ThatOneGirlStar

    Brittany Murphy I always equated to like my spirit animal. She was one of my favorites and I miss her dearly.

  • ReekGaming TV
    ReekGaming TV

    Do bando hothead and lil durk brother

  • poppy

    Same as Anthony Bourdain.

  • TheBlackBear_MT

    Can you do Chadwick Boseman, please? I would love to hear about how he feels about the possible recasting of his Black Panther role.

  • David bratz
    David bratz

    Art guy my step dad

  • David bratz
    David bratz

    Wright brothers

  • David bratz
    David bratz

    I like to contact God

  • David bratz
    David bratz


  • David bratz
    David bratz

    Art guy I Great friend

  • Anita Est
    Anita Est

    Thank you for doing this work and giving the spirits a beautiful platform to spread their message. Maybe in future you can do sessions with: Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe,James Dean, Laurel & Hardy, Jim Morrison,Amy Winehouse, Paul Walker? Keep up the good work❤️

  • Sir Yeetsley III
    Sir Yeetsley III

    You can hear the voices are computerised.... listen to the inflection of the voices in this guys videos.... questionable

  • KapiteinKiwi

    Get in touch with Colonel Sanders

  • Kim Librisk
    Kim Librisk

    Can you do Whitney Houston

  • Hiliana Perez
    Hiliana Perez

    Oh lawd this is her vouce

  • Shana Ficarra
    Shana Ficarra

    Rip Brittany Murphy

  • william graves
    william graves

    Who is the man killed her? Pills? The lung , from a shower

  • Taylor Ja'Nay
    Taylor Ja'Nay

    plssss Marilyn Monroe

  • Marshay Hampton
    Marshay Hampton

    Do you do spirit request for people my fiancee miss his great grandmother ?

  • pierre Caro
    pierre Caro

    No aclamo nada de estaa malas energias ni quiero atraerlas ni nada por el estilo, amen

  • Judyth Darlene Brewer
    Judyth Darlene Brewer

    I agree about someone watching her and Simon I never thought it was pnenmiona ty for doing this session it was awesome

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    "I think they did it.. No doubt" Creepy

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    Lol I laughed at the sure

  • Justin ward
    Justin ward

    What the government want with whistle blowing?

  • Alison Nguyen
    Alison Nguyen

    @cody do you do a private session ? I will pay 🥺

  • Jose Gaucin
    Jose Gaucin

    Heres a new one. Do wwe star owen hart.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    I was just watching 8 mile and this came in my recommended 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Rachel Spears
    Rachel Spears

    Try Frida Kalo

  • Tyeisha Harbin
    Tyeisha Harbin

    I think people forgot about this guy but can u do Jordan bilbo he was 25 he died a month after kenneka Jenkins in another rosemont hotel stairways and we need to get answers

  • Kimimela Co.
    Kimimela Co.

    Marilyn Monroe please

  • Filthy Derty
    Filthy Derty


  • Macleod

    Do Albert Einstein. I want to know any conclusions he came to regarding the current phenomenon we are seeing in our skies. Quantum physics...

    • Brandon Brockman
      Brandon Brockman

      No its because of me the skies phenomenon I'm Him but noone is listening

  • TigressClaw

    Think she got murderd.


    Be careful Cody 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Gabriela Reynosa
    Gabriela Reynosa

    Can you get in contact with someone for me.

  • Markeshia Quarles
    Markeshia Quarles

    Wow all ima say is watch Queen Domain video she did wit Naya Rivera !

  • Lauren Morales
    Lauren Morales

    Have you tried to communicate with Robin Williams yet?

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    Is it possible you can reach River Phoenix? It's been a long time. Would love to know how he is

  • Cameron Romo
    Cameron Romo

    Hey. could you do Selena Quintanilla please?


    Do John F Kennedy Jr.... speculation that he was murdered, his plan tampered with

  • amberloveee07

    Can we get one with Marilyn Monroe, Jonbenet Ramsy or the black dahlia?

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    Greene Patrick

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    Jennifer 7177

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  • Jennifer 7177
    Jennifer 7177

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    LilithMoon Archer

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    Charleen Robles

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    Charleen Robles

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