Spirit Box Tutorial - How To Get CRYSTAL CLEAR Replies! (Easy Method)
Today’s video is a spirit box tutorial where I show you how to get crystal clear Replies with your spirit box just like I do in my sessions. This is not a tutorial on how to build a Spirit box, this is just a tutorial showing you how to gain clarity in your sessions. This is an easy Spiritbox method which can be used to by anyone to gain clear results from their spirit box.

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  • Cody ITC
    Cody ITC

    Thanks so much for watching! Hope this helps in your spirit communication journey. If you are interested in one of the apps used in this video, here is a link where you can download it for iOS and android. SIGNAL SPIRIT BOX APP: iOS: apple.co/2Jr4nV3 Android: bit.ly/3ldxI2x

    • candis brown
      candis brown

      I just recently discovered this and want to build a machine. Yours is by far the absolute best so I will definitely be trying this. Can you be my mentor?

    • Hayley Releford
      Hayley Releford

      @Antwun Turner definitely Bernie Mac

    • wendy gordon
      wendy gordon

      @Sumo_. Frm773 how sad 😪 hopefully he can help you.

    • Sumo_. Frm773
      Sumo_. Frm773

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    • wendy gordon
      wendy gordon

      @Langdon Alger hi there. he done one about aliens before. there was pictures. it was truely amazing. check it out.

  • Steve Campbell
    Steve Campbell

    Do you use an app or a spirit box? And which app if that's what you use?

  • Kerstin Koloini
    Kerstin Koloini

    I love this. I keep saying that God might be an alien 🤷🏼‍♀🤓.

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    Life With Zan N Dj

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    Morticia's Captured Moments

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    Super Gamer NL

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      Billie Jo Bailey

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      Billie Jo Bailey

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