Suzanne Morphew Spirit Box - SHE SAYS WHO DID IT! (Shocking Session)
Suzanne Morphew Spirit Box Session. Who did it? In this video, the spirit of who I believe to be Suzanne Morphew comes through and answers that question for us.

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    Tiffany Serrano

    Based on what she has stated, he drugged her, strangled her and dumped her body in water. If I had to make a guess off of my intuition, I’m Pretty sure she’s in a lake or river near their home. I’d say within a 15 to 20 minute drive.

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    Lovable Defender

    Look up the news her husband was in court today. Every clue she said matches the evidence.

  • Nikola Mo'nique - Flowetry Poetry Black Rose Art
    Nikola Mo'nique - Flowetry Poetry Black Rose Art

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    Babydoll Ivey

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    Olivia Barry

    Hi Cody, it was the 2nd day of the preliminary hearing for Barry Morphew and the prosecution think she was drugged (as she says in your video) , they found the dart tranquilizers. If you could try again to contact her, it would be great. Just updating you ❤️

    • Laci Smith
      Laci Smith

      Olivia Barry keep me updated on what's going you have a insta or Facebook page ?

    • Olivia Barry
      Olivia Barry

      @Laci Smith, I know, it's just heartbreaking stuff. He's a narcissist and a murderer. All Suzanne wanted to do was be happy without him in her life. I'd say he made her life a misery 😪

    • Laci Smith
      Laci Smith

      Olivia Barry mannnnnn who are you telling....really creeped me out when Suzanne was breaking down the details from Barrys rope to him drugging her to her never leaving the house.... Olivia Barry all this is breath taking and Suzanne seem to have a wonderful heart....

    • Olivia Barry
      Olivia Barry

      @Laci Smith, hi there, you are absolutely spot on. Its definitely a chilling video from Cody and I knew from the start of the video that it was 100% authentic.. It would be great to hear from Suzanne again ❤️

    • Laci Smith
      Laci Smith

      That's what I said Olivia...this video gives me chills 🥶🥶 knowing the preliminary hearing is going on....the hole justice system needs to watch this video Olivia Barry

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    Kelli Snow

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