Patrick Swazye Spirit Box - THE LIGHT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Hear His Voice!
Patrick Swazye Spirit Box Session - Patrick Swazye Spirit Interview

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  • yvonne hunter
    yvonne hunter

    can you do fbg duck again please



  • Jason Williams.
    Jason Williams.

    Now he really is a ghost just like in the movie

  • Heather Harris
    Heather Harris

    The irony. I always wondered if it’ll be something like his movie ghost.

  • Wonder Mom in JAPAN
    Wonder Mom in JAPAN

    I want to try this to connect my departed loved ones how can i contact you

  • Julissa Garza
    Julissa Garza

    Please do gabby petito:(

  • Karen McAnney
    Karen McAnney

    Lmao ...

  • Sylvia Moreno
    Sylvia Moreno

    Beth Chapman please 🙏 want to hear what she has to say about her husband marriage!

  • Marce Minita
    Marce Minita

    Gabby Petito!!!

  • HaitianQueen Key
    HaitianQueen Key

    Around the time it was his birthday, I watched Ghost then realized it was already his birthday🥰🥰🥰 such a great actor thanks for this💛

  • Bella Galvan
    Bella Galvan

    Please do gabby petito!!

  • Aj Johnson
    Aj Johnson

    Chris Farley next pls

  • jenny morales
    jenny morales

    Gaby petito. If u can please do hers. Maybe we can get some answers on her death.

  • Dai & Ke
    Dai & Ke


  • PoisonIvy

    I’d like to see a possible connection to/with Jayne Mansfield, Thelma Todd & or Sharon Tate. So amazing, communicating with the other side! :)

  • wriggly wobble
    wriggly wobble

    Please do speaker knockerz Cody

  • Saily Garcia
    Saily Garcia

    I love watching your videos 🥰 have you ever done a video on Harriet Tubman? Or Rosa Parks?

  • tony black
    tony black

    This is fucking stupid. Ditto.

  • danger man
    danger man

    Hey Cody ITC my name is Tay and I just wondering if u can do sprit box with Aretha Franklin and see how she take with being in the after life and see how she feel about being free

  • scott birmingham
    scott birmingham

    patrick swayze is still one of my all-time favourite celebs ever! Miss him!

  • Mystic Unicorn
    Mystic Unicorn

    When he said “The Wind” it reminded me of a verse of the song that states “she’s like the wind”. That song was beautiful and may be the song he referred to. Great job Cody!

  • shanice Chenault
    shanice Chenault

    can you do one of my friend hiis name is brandon we use to call him big B he died august the 31 he was hit by a car i'll give you his full name and everything his name is Brandon Remass antonio Irby

  • Rafael Echols
    Rafael Echols

    Deuteronomy 18 9-11

  • Brii 2Lovely
    Brii 2Lovely

    Do Travis Alexander he was murdered by Jodi arias

  • MMLP2

    Please make Maddie McCann


    His favorite song was. She's like the wind 🖤✨

  • Israel Gabriel
    Israel Gabriel

    I must have been wrong, this is good

  • Kim Librisk
    Kim Librisk

    Can you do more, you slowed down doing videos

  • Official me
    Official me

    Gotta be more consistent with videos my guys

  • Stephanie 561
    Stephanie 561

    Can you do Norm Macdonald? He’s a comedian from the old skool SNL and he’s Canadian!! He just passed away!

  • Paige Kerr
    Paige Kerr

    Can you open the stage to victims of 9/11 maybe?

  • Kissofabuttafly

    Hey Cody, I've been binge watching your videos. I enjoyed everyone. I have a suggestion could you do a spirit box session with Big Pun? Please!

  • jennifer Keelin
    jennifer Keelin

    When will u be doing another video? I'm so invested into this🥰

  • Bryan Bailey
    Bryan Bailey

    Can you do geemoney

  • Mamoon Unpretty
    Mamoon Unpretty

    Can you do a session with Georges Floyd, please

  • christine rupprecht
    christine rupprecht

    Can you please do Natalie Wood?

  • Totallydifferentshay

    Can you do Syanna Tucker?

  • Matthew Mendoza
    Matthew Mendoza

    do MF DOOM

  • thatboycurry •
    thatboycurry •

    You should do oj simpsons ex wife next

  • April Sanders
    April Sanders

    Cody can u please please do Nathaniel Weihbrecht?

  • Sasha Smith
    Sasha Smith

    Cody plz plz plz do Keith flint from the prodigy I need to know hes at peace and that hes watching over the band and loved ones and hope hes happy to know his dogs are rehomed and doing amazing

  • Trell Bivins
    Trell Bivins

    I literally just watched ghost

  • Franny Net
    Franny Net

    Do one for Avicii, his death was very mysterious

  • Ala Kazaam
    Ala Kazaam


  • Eww

    Cody please do one of Stan lee

  • LilGabriel Music95
    LilGabriel Music95

    Bro I'm a big fan can you please do a video of one of my favorite ( Save By The Bell ) cast member Dustin Neil Diamond he was an American actor, director, stand-up comedian, musician, and occasional professional wrestler, best known for his role as Samuel "Screech" Powers throughout the Saved by the Bell franchise he worked with ( Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Lark Voorhies, Tiffani Thiessen Elizabeth Berkley and Dennis Haskins.

  • Darla Castaneda
    Darla Castaneda

    Can you speak to Laura Branigan

  • Zona Baby
    Zona Baby

    Please try and reach " EMMETT TILL" please Like to make this happen

  • Yvette Morales
    Yvette Morales

    Could you possibly Jim Morrison? I’m sure many fans would love to hear him speak, and perhaps get some idea of what happened the day he died :( JIM MORRISON PLEAAASEEE!!

  • SuperGoodMario 124
    SuperGoodMario 124

    Can you do Etika?

  • Noah You you
    Noah You you

    Do a session with Robert johnson

  • Noah You you
    Noah You you

    Please do Robert Johnson blues player do a session with him

  • Carlotta Christ
    Carlotta Christ

    She's like the wind💕

  • Carlotta Christ
    Carlotta Christ

    I really loved him

  • Anna Sanoja
    Anna Sanoja

    Hey Cody can you reach out to 9/11 victims on your box? So we can know if they reached the light and be at peace

  • Aaliyah Jones
    Aaliyah Jones

    Can we get a part 2 of swavy, an update

  • Aaliyah Jones
    Aaliyah Jones

    Can we get a part 2 of swavy, an update

  • anne coyle
    anne coyle

    Awesome Cody 💖

  • Vonteiz Franklin
    Vonteiz Franklin


  • sedona785

    It would be interesting to hear from one of the founding fathers. George Washington.

  • Crystal Cannady
    Crystal Cannady

    That's my favorite song

  • Treasure Island
    Treasure Island

    I hope he does one for Janae Gagnier, AKA Mercedes Morr. She was an IG model from Houston. They said, it was a murder suicide. I could be wrong, but seems like it's more to the story.

  • Arika Agee
    Arika Agee

    Yes it is so him it’s a song of his from dirty dancing 💖

  • Crystal Muentes
    Crystal Muentes


  • Mummy Ginera
    Mummy Ginera

    Here bro try contact mark reed Chooper he was the Australia most physco gangsters there he was he’s famous and everything there movie about him it’s called Chooper you should try contact him that would be coool

  • brittnee lucas
    brittnee lucas

    I need more videos Cody it’s been too long bro

  • Jagoda Śliwa
    Jagoda Śliwa

    Again River Phoenix Please and Jonathan Brandis 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Just Jayy
    Just Jayy

    Can you do John Edwards Jones

  • Resetthegame

    Can you do Rick James next? Lol he was such a ball of fun

  • Qw Yw
    Qw Yw

    Hey can you do Kobe Bryant please bro I want to her him

  • LeAnn Jent
    LeAnn Jent

    Love your videos! You should try Robin Williams, George Michael and/or Freddie Mercury!

  • Joanne Wootton
    Joanne Wootton

    I wished that this was longer & I love she's like the wind what he did & still do & still do now & still listen to it as it's a classic & beautiful song & I loved him in dirty dancing,ghost, Road house, point break, youngblood these are classic films & was so young only 57 years old bless him R.I.P ❤

  • Divine Whisper
    Divine Whisper

    Please ask spirits about the ufo phenomenon are there other life forms present on this planet or in another place in the universe/another dimension.

  • Padillafamily

    Can u pls do kendrick. He was killed at a high school in 2013 but nobody knows forsure how he was killed

  • Ozgal69

    Cody would you please consider doing some missing persons and possible murder cold cases please. There is a huge demand for this type of information. I've been following the missing 5 yr old Summer Wells and would love you to try reaching her please. There are alot of answers coming through for her, but any help you can give in helping to pinpoint where her body may be and what happened would be incredible. There are so many more too. X

  • Tyliah Robbins
    Tyliah Robbins

    Can you do Ray Charles?

  • Grace Layug
    Grace Layug

    Does anyone know how to get in contact with Cody on a personal email?

  • Lizzzzk

    Please try Selena Quintanilla again, please ✨💜

  • Spaceyy

    LA Capone please he was a close friend of King Von and he was a rapper that died in 2013

  • Marcie Saldana
    Marcie Saldana

    Song he wrote is she's like the wind I think

  • JO3 MAMA 69
    JO3 MAMA 69

    Eddie Guerrero please

  • Shannon Mcnalley
    Shannon Mcnalley

    She's like the wind is the song he mentioned

  • Shane Mayberry
    Shane Mayberry

    Emitt till please

  • Robert Lucky
    Robert Lucky

    Do my uncle Nicholas



  • Theodore Martin
    Theodore Martin

    Shes like the wind through my tree, she rides the night, next to me. She leads me through moonlight, only to burn me with the sun. Shes taken my heart, but she dosen't know what shes done.

  • Coco Mulan
    Coco Mulan

    Please do Emmett till ❤️‼️

  • Secret Williams
    Secret Williams

    Please do my father please, he passed yesterday and I'm just so hurt behind this I just wanna know what happened and if he's ok Please! please Reach out it me😭

  • Scarlet Stewart
    Scarlet Stewart

    Shes like the wind..💘 his songs great actor gonna miss him

  • Trill Nap
    Trill Nap

    Hey cody can u do Michael K. Williams he jus died like yes2erday I 🤔💭 n he wuz a good man n played In 😡 good movies tho but his biggest role wuz playin Omar from da wire tho if eva watch it on HBO or somethin ok cody 🤔😏😏😁😁😁💯💯💯

  • CheesyGaming

    can you please try and connect with biggie smalls? i feel he has a story to tell


    Please contact with xxxtentacion please bro😭🥲

  • Nickolas Ashley Anna Williams
    Nickolas Ashley Anna Williams

    This was a great spirit box glad he’s doing ok in God’s kingdom with loved ones R.i.P love and light 💯

  • Alaxandra Sikk
    Alaxandra Sikk

    can you maybe do avicii / Tim bergling i really miss him.

  • Ashley Sisk
    Ashley Sisk

    PLZ PLZ PLZ do a session with Corey Haim

  • Annette Melnychuk
    Annette Melnychuk

    For some of us fans of Slipknot can you do a spirit box session of Joey Jordison and Paul Gray? Can you also do one of Dusty Hill from ZZ Top?

  • Life with Deville
    Life with Deville

    Can you please ask my brother some questions it been a while since I talked to him I visit his grave when I can and I just want to know how he is feeling at least

  • Doja

    a video for 051 melly would be wild

  • Misti Spake
    Misti Spake

    I’d love for you to do another one for shanann watts. This is so amazing! I’m a beginner and absolutely think this is so awesome

  • Dre Ramirez
    Dre Ramirez

    Can you please do Ritchie valens? I wanna know what happened in the plane