PAUL WALKER Spirit Box Session | HEAR WHAT HE SAYS... | (Clearest EVER Recorded!)
Today, I filmed a Paul Walker Spirit Box session. The results were unlike anything I’ve ever heard. This has to be the clearest Ghost box Session ever recorded by me to this date. In my next ITC session, I will teach you how to get clear results like this. It’s not hard, but mandatory if you wish to seek crystal clear Spirit Communication.

  • Cody ITC
    Cody ITC

    Due to the STUNNING CLARITY of this session, I will show you in my next video HOW TO GET CRYSTAL CLEAR RESULTS like this on your own. I will show you what apps you can use if you are on a budget, and I will show you just how easy it is to get these type of clear results. As I’ve said before, people who distort their audio purposefully to the point of barley being audible are mostly doing so to cover up the stolen audio clips they are using. Since we are NOT FAKE HERE, I will show you how to get these Crystal clear results and who knows, maybe your results may even be clearer than some ITC researchers who’ve been doing this work for 10+ years ;)

    • johnny rios
      johnny rios

      Cody I have a person I would like to contact that passed away


      Could you do a video Cody. On when you started talking to the afterlife ? What made you want to ? Basically a Back story on everything ? And when you do these videos , is just that easy to ask a spirit are they their with you, & then they just pop up. Or does it actually take a min for you to connect with the spirit.

    • Christo MacMillan
      Christo MacMillan

      Someone needs to investigate the person who was his manager before he passed on.

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      Sonya Conway

      Please will you do one of these for me x

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      love ur videos cody keep up the great work stay safe hunnie 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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    Its babynative

    In the name of the Lord i do not claim any negative energy from this video Amen✝️

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    Renay Conner

    You said Roger was sleeping could he have been drugged

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    Redstone commander

    Use this spirit box to communicate to God himself

  • Redstone commander
    Redstone commander

    I wonder if you can actually use this to communicate to God himself?

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    Redstone commander

    Oh my gosh that’s almost gonna make me cry

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    China Williams

    I love Paul Walker all the way back to coach Kilmer days

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    están hablando con el caparazón astral de la personalidad conocida como Paul Walker, su espíritu esta trabajando para alcanzar la luz . Incluso puede que haya reencarnado para estas instancias.

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    Christine Inocencio

    Did Paul walker feel like he was going to pass that day can you ask him pls

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    "i sense god is close" litterly melted my spine

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    Michael Uhrich

    Would you please do a spirit box session for Jonathan brandis he passed away in 2003

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    Milan Hulzebos

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    Chris Rowland

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    It's going to take more than this to convince me!! This could be so easily fabricated...Im not saying that about this video or trying to stir up a debate just stating facts how I see them,

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  • Baconator


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  • Kween Trena
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    Eric and Emily somers

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    LifeOf aMom Adventures

    Paul & Roger had just left 1 event and heading somewhere else when the car experienced mechanical problems. A couple of guys across the street from the crash site, recorded the crash and said they could hear them screaming as the car went into the tree they hit and exploded. I've read his autopsy report. It's heartbreaking in the damage to his body. He suffered multiple broken bones, etc. RIP Paul Walker.

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