Kendrick Johnson Spirit Box | IT WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT! | (Kendrick Johnson Mystery)
Today, we attempt to get in contact with the spirit of Kendrick Johnson. Kendrick was found inside of a rolled up gym mat at his high school. His death is considered to be a mystery and today, we hope to find some clues relating to this tragic event.

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    Cody ITC

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      Can you please do my lil brother Eli ??

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      How do I get an personal session

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      Can you do a spirit box session to find out what happened to the two missing little boys Orrin & orrson west they have not been found. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Tayna Monte
      Tayna Monte

      Plss can you look or (Denise Pipitone ) are in the sky ? Her mother search her she is missing sinds 2004 PLS like that that cody can see that !!! My english are not good sorry....

  • Lily Maria
    Lily Maria

    I hear his saying Um not Mom a lot of the time

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    Oh my god this is so sad..

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    Civilized mindz

    I do not claim any negative energy or negative spirits from this video and God bless who is watching his video🙏

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    cecilia Lopez

    Please try to reach nisa mickens and kayla cuevas they were the girls that were killed by MS-13 in Brentwood Long Island ny nisa mickens mother is a good friend of mine and nisa was a good kid😢😢 kayla was her best friend

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    Patricia Cropper

    He was beaten with a big rock constantly clearly said


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    Random Person

    6:29 I think he said “Sierra, she’s terrible” I’ve heard that he was set up by a girl, maybe her name was Sierra.

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    Melissa Owens

    Brian and Brandon bell he went to school w them

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    Melissa Owens

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    Melissa Owens

    A rock means a weight they killed him the weight room and they kept hitting him

  • Melissa Owens
    Melissa Owens

    They killed him in the weight room

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    Melissa Owens

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  • Daeja Monae
    Daeja Monae

    When he said we are the same made me think about the white couple they said that Murder him

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    T G

    The mom talks about what she thinks of this session on tik tok. Do you think you could communicate again and ask more questions that may lead to evidence?

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    Michelle Allen

    Did anyone get that he doesent want to give names to protect his family .he said it was the bully .everyone at the school and parents would know who that is .he is at peace cause hes been talking to God

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    Shadimon Harrison

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    Hannah Hughes

    “god opened it for us” if im making this out correctly god opened the gates which shows god’s greatness and im so happy that he is at peace in the afterlife

  • jlynn

    He was trying to tell you word for word what happened..poor baby it's so sad

  • REACTS to comments
    REACTS to comments

    do 1 on Pablo Escobar or that Asian girl that went missing in San Diego. Mac Dre Bay area rapper some notorious gangsters.

  • Xzavier Bracey 22
    Xzavier Bracey 22

    If it wasn't for Cody I wouldn't know who kendrick johnson is

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    When I die or if something happens to me....please do this for me. For my children. ❤

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    Trayvon Martin

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    • Talyn Sevenstar
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    misty the director

    It was the “we’re dead too” like huh I’m confused was he saying that the people that killed him are also dead?

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    Martini Nikol

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    Before watching this i had to sit down and prepare myself for a second. This case send chills down my spine, the police and fbi that is hiding things from the family. The fact that he looks beaten up in his crime scene pictures, the fact that he looked so squeezed up in that mat YOU CANT GET IN THERE BY YOURSELF YOU CAN NOT ITS IMPOSSIBLE LOOK HOW SQUUEZED TIGHT HE WAS IN THERE

  • Meyling Ortiz
    Meyling Ortiz

    I hope you get justice Kendrick no one deserves that

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    TaNiya Wall

    6:30 I heard Kendrick Say "I fell" Edit: When he had said they wanted something my lower Stomach had like a Sharp Pain to it as if Someone Punched me in my stomach

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    [simpn] lowkeyy_plxto

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    • Melissa Owens
      Melissa Owens

      I promise I said the same I think he was beating up him n a fight and thr brother hit him over the head and kept hitting him

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    Aaliyah Overton

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