NIPSEY HUSSEL Spirit Box | HEAR WHAT HE SAYS! | Nipsey Hussel 2021 Spirit Interview
NIPSEY HUSSEL Spirit Box | HEAR WHAT HE SAYS! | Nipsey Hussel 2021 Spirit Interview

Today, we get in contact with who I believe to be the spirit of Nipsey Hussle. This is by far one of the craziest Spirit box sessions we have ever recorded and I would go as far as to say that Nipsey is one of the strongest spirits we’ve had on the sessions yet. buckle your seatbelt‘s because this is going to be a crazy ride ;)

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  • Ashley Cager
    Ashley Cager

    Could u please do Trayvon martin

  • Diamond Franklin
    Diamond Franklin

    It's like he's screaming

  • Diamond Franklin
    Diamond Franklin

    His energy⚡ is strong

  • J Starzz
    J Starzz

    This is my son in the Spirit This 💙 was HIS SPIRIT SO STRONG 💪 💙 🙌 👏 I cried 😢 to hear him in such great Lion of Spirit and he's 💙 STILL concerned about the condition of this world 🌎 and his love is selfless 💙 as it ever 💙 was!@ Even more so nowwwww

  • Asha Miller
    Asha Miller

    Yes he has who has a very peaceful energy it it’s just makes me happy he said we got Biden is this is a baby cry like as I want to say but please do another session to see also please please

  • Asha Miller
    Asha Miller

    Please do another video session at four this year so please this made me so happy and happy to eat happy tears like it good tears like I just feel like he was already happy you had a good soul I just it makes me happy to have you in


    "black, red, yellow"

  • Jay x
    Jay x


  • SlabCulture 100
    SlabCulture 100

    Do chad butler aka pimp c

  • 13 ghosts
    13 ghosts

    I chuckled when he said "NOW Tha Trump is out, we got Biden " Guys got heart, bless him.❣

  • Ras Rara
    Ras Rara


  • RodWaveLeakz

    Good Bless Everybody 🙏🏽

  • Kenehi Wharerau
    Kenehi Wharerau

    Can you do Bob Marley please

  • Rafa Ramirez
    Rafa Ramirez

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  • Amber Cooper
    Amber Cooper

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  • Mark Winton
    Mark Winton

    can you do john ritter

  • JeremyBa Wilkes
    JeremyBa Wilkes

    I rebuke any negative energy from watching this video

  • The unknown Man
    The unknown Man

    Nipsey is Leo man ♌! He is dynamic and passionate!

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood

    god give us back ermias joseph asghedom aka nipsey hussle and will give u kap g !!!!

  • 22mezzy

    It’s crazy it’s like you talk to the dead like your the person they talk before they try go to the light

  • Bonjour Passion Fruit
    Bonjour Passion Fruit

    Nipsey came thru strong and spoke with conviction. We love you and miss you Nipsey.

  • Rina Ames
    Rina Ames

    God please protect me

  • Addiction85

    Protect my home my soul and my family God

  • Nathangamez 5
    Nathangamez 5

    Wow this man is dead, and hes still cool and funny af

  • Samantha Orgo
    Samantha Orgo

    His energy is so powerful and strong so uplifting just like he was when he was alive may his soul continue to be in peace 💜

  • Alicia Jeanine
    Alicia Jeanine

    All my people, Black, Red and yellow?

  • Alicia Jeanine
    Alicia Jeanine

    I heard Change your mindset? Not I’m on set? Did anyone else hear.

  • Harley Nation
    Harley Nation

    I’m not claiming any bad spirits or energy from this video . Protect my soul and everyone watching this

  • Brittany Pittman
    Brittany Pittman

    God please protect me amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Youngin Tez
    Youngin Tez

    God please protect my soul an amen

  • Kasmela Raines
    Kasmela Raines

    Do. Other. Spirits. Chime. In. When the. Your. Talking about some. Subject s. With certain. S8ri5s

  • Timothy Sealey
    Timothy Sealey

    Lord plz surround me and protect me forgive me my sins


    Pls again speak xxxtentacion

  • Pnutt Bomb
    Pnutt Bomb

    The set up, he's talking about him being set up in front of his store.

  • AJ Cadillac
    AJ Cadillac

    The atheist should watch this session proving them wrong that we do live on and there is a creator (God)

  • Similac Aris
    Similac Aris

    God protect me and my family! God bless u all

  • Surreal Radio
    Surreal Radio

    Hussle******************** Atleast get his name right

  • 𝐸 𝓍 𝑜 𝒹 𝓊 𝓈
    𝐸 𝓍 𝑜 𝒹 𝓊 𝓈

    I still double up on em like nipsey told us too when he was here, and even in the after life he still hustling and manifesting. R.i.p Nip, i love you brudda and I will tell Lauren that London about this so she could feel more comfort🖤💙 The L.A king still lives on in the soul of an angel

  • AnitaOB End Times Watchwoman
    AnitaOB End Times Watchwoman

    You are talking to familiar spirits. Those people are not talking with you.

  • Aleisha Barnard
    Aleisha Barnard

    Wooow nipsey thanks for this

  • Janelle Lewis
    Janelle Lewis

    This was so clear whoah! I can’t rap my brain around how this is possible. So neat.

  • Chad Gross
    Chad Gross

    I Missy's rapping song I love him, rapper ing???♥️♥️♥️♥️💯📸

  • Chantell Minitee
    Chantell Minitee

    God’s love ❤️

  • Gr8fuldeb69

    Its only been 3 years

  • Gr8fuldeb69

    Yes he was around for trump

  • Lewis Holt
    Lewis Holt

    Could you try and make contact with anyone by just saying there name just wondering btw amen 🙏

  • Brandy Waller
    Brandy Waller

    First off I just wanted to start by saying "Happy Heavenly Cday" to Nip! This was a very amazing session. Its good to hear that he is doing well and his energy is soooo strong. He changed me and everyday I listen to his music which has helped guide me through not only business ideals, but in life choice/ my mentality as well. I thank you for this Cody! Keep being awesome and God bless you!

  • Triumphant Queen
    Triumphant Queen

    Happy Birthday KING Ermias Joseph Asghedom ❤️🙏🏾

  • Myles Scott
    Myles Scott

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  • Gem

    We need better questions specifically got the person. Do your research more. Thanks for the vids tho

  • Gem

    He didn't die that long ago. He was here for Trump my guy

  • life with jiggy
    life with jiggy

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    TayCee FrmDaO760


  • Jahseh

    Yes Nipsey Hussle. is myfavorite rapper

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    Jay B

    He didn’t say “Setup” he said “settt” he was a crip, he said Set not setup 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • ray watkins
    ray watkins

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    I do not accept any negative energy

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    Wanji rozzy

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  • Kirsty Campbell
    Kirsty Campbell

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  • Chloe Anderson
    Chloe Anderson

    Have you done lil peep yet? I’d love to see a video of contact with peep. Keep the videos coming !! Thank you for sharing

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    Daryl Clark

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    Aaron Lewis

    his favorite slogan was "look" before he would rap

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    Jada Smith

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    Yella Diamond

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  • Yella Diamond
    Yella Diamond

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    yung luv3

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    Can you sprit box my sister she just died July 15th

  • Jasighia Miller Cartwright
    Jasighia Miller Cartwright

    But I just love the fact that he was giving that same energy back to us when he was still on this Earth I love the fact that he was so proud excited he was very brave

  • Dea Grinter
    Dea Grinter

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    taronbtw -_-

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  • Chyna Baccus
    Chyna Baccus

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    I didn’t know they can see or hear what’s going on

  • KAT

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  • Tiffenany Arce
    Tiffenany Arce

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    stc squad

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    YBF_ KP

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    Miraculous ladybug texting story

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