ELISA LAM spirit box | WHAT HAPPENED to Elisa Lam? (Cecil Hotel Mystery)
Today, we look to get in contact with the spirit of Elisa Lam. In this video we try to find out the answer as to what happened to Elise lam. This case is widely known as the Cecil hotel mystery.


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  • Cody ITC
    Cody ITC

    Check out our *SECOND CHANNEL* where we tell the *FULL STORY OF ELISA LAM:* irglo.info/from/c5Zmo3Sqms7ViYE/fy-lm-h-y.html

  • Saschan

    So fat guy that she said was the one who killed her

  • diane bright
    diane bright

    Someone fat followed her she tried to call for help but it was useless

  • Bad bunny
    Bad bunny

    Her friend anight shot. Or. They set her up I work at a hotel u have to have a keep to get up to the water line

  • Kathleen Logan
    Kathleen Logan

    I think the spirit of that serial killer, was still in there.

  • Triza pagan
    Triza pagan

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  • Exhumed17

    She was hallucinating someone/something was trying to get her.

  • Esther Peterson
    Esther Peterson

    Do you do personal request videos ? I would love to hear from my dad and brother

  • Iam_summer lee
    Iam_summer lee

    So sad this happened to her 😇🙏

  • a u d r e y
    a u d r e y

    This imaging gave me chill in my spine bro

  • TF

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  • lilhappy999

    Can you get in to contact with my dead best friend her name was Alannah Burke and died unfortunately on march 30th of this year she's from Rochester NY

  • birchply023

    Someone needs to help this girl to the light ,george maybe . God bless and help ths girl please ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bonjour Passion Fruit
    Bonjour Passion Fruit

    Wow she says they’re gonna catch her and they’re going to hurt her. 😭

  • Rina Ames
    Rina Ames

    Protect me lord while watching Amen

  • james israel Hagguns
    james israel Hagguns

    who was holding the elevator doors open (Elisa lam) murder case she is in heaven

  • Weird Zigs
    Weird Zigs

    When she said “mom? Mom!” That pains me and it’s sad.

  • Diane Di Stefano
    Diane Di Stefano

    She was so killed

  • Pauline Rodriguez
    Pauline Rodriguez


  • bethandreese butler
    bethandreese butler

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  • Harley Nation
    Harley Nation

    I’m not claiming any bad spirits or energy from this video . Protect my soul and everyone watching this

  • Daniel

    0:45 ATTENTION! In normal Speed you cant hear it but in 0,5x Playback IRglo Speed you hear "SOMETHING IS IN ME" so she could possibly be possessed.

  • Taylor Keith
    Taylor Keith

    It looked like she was terrified of her attackers whoever or whatever they were. And With the alcohol in her system I feel like they spiked her drink or lured her to drink with them. I feel for her. She didnt deserve to die.

  • Aleisha Barnard
    Aleisha Barnard

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    Russ Greco

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    Aniyah gaming

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    Peoria Ogle

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  • Wonder Woman Heart
    Wonder Woman Heart

    Very long winded questions and statements to this clearly disoriented spirit. Goodness, can you shorten them, less is more when clarity is paramount? Short but sweet: 1. Did someone hurt you in the hotel? 2. How did you get on the roof?

  • poquipo

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    Reshaun Hamilton

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    Joaquina Scoby

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    Owolabi Badejo

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  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams

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  • Jessii Mamii
    Jessii Mamii

    This is a tortured soul. Her death was no accident and she didn't kill herself, no one will ever convince me otherwise. Someone hurt her.

  • Tonio 1
    Tonio 1

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  • Jazzlyn Gaines
    Jazzlyn Gaines

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    Jaclyn Pendleton

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    PoeMoe Godspeed TV

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    PoeMoe Godspeed TV

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    PoeMoe Godspeed TV

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    PoeMoe Godspeed TV

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    Lily Anderson

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    Isabella Castellanos

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    Melina M.

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    MissMarie Tv

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  • Isaac Howard Jr
    Isaac Howard Jr

    Do not go to the Cecil hotel unless you’re there with a spiritual guide, just try to avoid this haunted hotel.

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    Ayye Marley

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  • angela marshall
    angela marshall

    There is a psychic that said there werea group of men that hurt Elisa and that they were in some type of society Moreso like a cult.The psychic said that they already chose what they were going to do to Elisa..She stated that it stated with an younger attractive male that spotted Elisa first and I'm guessing he told the others and they did some horrible things to her!This really makes me sad!!!!

  • Kelly_sunshine Love
    Kelly_sunshine Love

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    Vanessa Braker

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    jaycene andrews

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  • Janice Aldahondo
    Janice Aldahondo

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  • Hanna Carter
    Hanna Carter

    You didn't ask the obvious question... How did you get into the water tower???????

  • Hanna Carter
    Hanna Carter

    Is there not a camera focused on the water tower, like inside the elevator?

  • Madison


  • The West Side Tale
    The West Side Tale

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    Zertuche Natasha

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  • Brigette adame
    Brigette adame

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  • Robert Culpeppel
    Robert Culpeppel

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  • Blue Bunny 106
    Blue Bunny 106

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  • slideshowjo

    I saw another spirit box session video on YT where she mentions that she "called him fat".

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    Ayden Campione

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    Joel Santiago

    You should do a session with Chris Benoit from WWE or his wife and kid since it was a really horrible tragedy and maybe we can get some answers or new answers

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    Karina Pique

    She came thru really clearly. RIP 🙏 God Bless

  • シ︎_RainyEntertainment_ت︎

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  • Elizabeth

    What the actual heck the footage was scary

  • Arsenal 14
    Arsenal 14

    It’s weird but in your session she said the person was fat and it another person session she said she called the person fat so I think they should be looking at fat person who was at the hotel that day there must be camera footage of people going in an out I feel for this girl she need justice

  • Sheila Marie Salvador
    Sheila Marie Salvador

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    • Lam ho yi
      Lam ho yi

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    khia brasuell

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  • Get Rekt
    Get Rekt

    She didn't commit suicide, she stopped taking her bipolar medication, she suffered with delusions with her disorder and climbed in the water tank, someone closed it not thinking anyone would be in there

  • clevecourtney

    The crazy thing was they sent search dogs to find her based off of her scent and they found her scent by a window that leads to to the roof cuz that's where the stairs were and then they stopped looking after that

  • Victor Flores
    Victor Flores

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  • Sajeela Rani
    Sajeela Rani

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    CTB derricc

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