KURT COBAIN Spirit Box - “I’M SO SORRY” | CLEAREST SPIRIT BOX! (Nirvana Guitarist)
KURT COBAIN Spirit Box - “I’M SO SORRY” | CLEAREST SPIRIT BOX! (Nirvana Guitarist)
In this video, we attempt to get in contact with the spirit of Kurt Cobain, The lead guitarist in the band Nirvana. Hear what I believe to be the spirit of Kurt Cobain coming through and saying he’s sorry for the acts that cost him his life.

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  • Cody ITC
    Cody ITC

    Hi everyone, thank you so much for watching today’s video. I have moved the portal to a different room and I hope to isolate it with soundproofing so that the audio sounds very crisp and clean. My editing software has become a mess with recent updates so I purchased a new computer with new editing software so the quality of videos should go up within the next two weeks. Let me know what you think of this video and let me know who you want to see next! 📱 Best Spirit Box App: Apple: apple.co/2Jr4nV3 Android: bit.ly/3ldxI2x 📻 Physical Boxes & Equipment: *NEW* SB7 Spirit Box: amzn.to/3egfkpU SB11 Spirit Box (Pro): amzn.to/3c8UM02 Sbox (Easy-to-use) amzn.to/3rpd0AF K2 EMF Meter: amzn.to/3ceprct 🎛 PARTS TO BUILD A BUDGET PORTAL. Amplifier: bit.ly/3bmvQmA Noise Killer: amzn.to/3c8DS1F Reverb: amzn.to/2MUwHkV 🎙My Studio Equipment: Camera: amzn.to/3c8FEzR Microphone: amzn.to/3qkXynP

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    Brittney Chappell

    Damn… When he lets Kurt know Him and his band made it into the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame and his response was everything is gone I’m just dead wheeeeeew that shook me ! Thank you Cody for posting these videos it really saves me into a perspective of how I want to live my life here on earth. These videos bring me so many thoughts smiles laughs and cries of joy and pain. I absolutely have fallen in love with this channel.

  • Truďi Yazzie
    Truďi Yazzie

    Love this channel everything comes in so clear! I miss my uncle Leonard and my ex partner Jason...coming from a traditional background we are not allowed to contact the deceased but I have to hear their voices again before thoughts runs away again with my mental health issues

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    I hope Kurt knows we think he’s beautiful. He was very insecure about himself it’s so sad. We love u Kurt.

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    Skratch 13

    A message to Kurt Cobain: People make mistakes man, your music inspired many people in the world, me as well as I've become a musician myself. You were an awesome musician. Keep rocking in the afterlife, man.

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    Donna Burden Dip.D.Analysis

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    • Donna Burden Dip.D.Analysis
      Donna Burden Dip.D.Analysis

      @It’s our Lyfe Destiny too Kurt soul is in the process of healing at the moment. Xx

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