Tupac Spirit Box Session - HE’S STAYING BEHIND TO FIGHT! (Clearest Recorded)
Tupac Spirit Box Session Clearest Recorded!
Tupac Shakur speaks through one of the worlds best spirit boxes! Let me know who you want to see us do a session for next in the comment section down below. 👇

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  • Khanyisile Ocean Skosana
    Khanyisile Ocean Skosana

    I do not claim any negative energy from this video😇

  • Erin Fullerton
    Erin Fullerton

    Where can I buy this box from


    He wrote a song in 2016???

  • Meagan Grisdale
    Meagan Grisdale

    Tupac the king of rap

  • Bailey Bunny
    Bailey Bunny

    He's said: Blah blah blah blah. Lol! Thought that was funny. :P

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera

    The light is a soul trap for reptilians to keep us here as slaves,,,,you have to go to soutce.

  • Karissa Marie
    Karissa Marie

    Thats crazy how clearly hes speaking

  • caram3ltoya121

    I claim no negative energy or bad sprits from this video god protect me and my family

  • Simon Rosen
    Simon Rosen

    i think its a spirit meessing w u, im 100% sure pac faked his death i have alot of evidence

  • Ras Rara
    Ras Rara

    Do one with biggie please

  • Janky

    My teacher know Tupac

  • Pr3ttyface.pia💎

    I have goosebumps

  • Pr3ttyface.pia💎

    I am crying 😭


    I do not claim andy bad energy..🙏

  • Richard Carter Jr
    Richard Carter Jr

    You should do Patsy Cline, Kurt Cobain, Joanie Laurer aka known as chyna in the wwe, Janis Joplin,

  • Nina Beauty
    Nina Beauty

    He’s still very powerful you can tell his spirit is still the same! Amen

  • Dori

    No megative energy here

  • Dori

    TuPac is in thug heaven riding around in a army tank. Yes he is ready for war ready to fight

  • Killroy

    please do Eazy-E

  • P

    "blah blah blah blah" thats tupac lol

  • Adore Mya
    Adore Mya

    Can you do Dino from the RNB group htown?Dino conner?

  • monsterverse everything you can learn
    monsterverse everything you can learn

    do biggie smalls

  • Trappa

    Bro very interesting and mellow spirit and funny

  • GalaxyofGreatnesstv

    How do you know tupac but not biggie?

  • Antuan Paul5
    Antuan Paul5

    Pls do either biggie smalls the notorious big or bernie mac

  • Antwan Barfield
    Antwan Barfield

    Can u do pimp C Spirit Box

  • Russ Greco
    Russ Greco

    Nicole Brown Simpson please

  • Kayla Benitez
    Kayla Benitez

    I was 18 years old in 2016. Wait so…. He was still here at the time to make music or was all his music on hold back in 2016 that he never released?

    • P

      hes saying he wrote a song in 2016, in heaven.

  • Steve Valentine
    Steve Valentine

    What kind of spirit box is this

  • Emi Croft
    Emi Croft

    Could you please try to get a hold of lil peep🥺 I would love to hear from him just one last time ❤

  • wonderboy2g26

    Plz do Bruce Lee plzz

  • Klippy 09
    Klippy 09

    I do not claim any bad energy in this video. Protect me and my family

  • Rebecca Boyar
    Rebecca Boyar

    We Miss You Pac!! 🙏🖤

  • FTD Ethan-
    FTD Ethan-

    4:50 he said I been 25. He DIED WHEN HE WAS 25

  • Laira W
    Laira W

    Can you pls do biggie smalls

  • _ Sundal
    _ Sundal

    8:30 I think he’s referencing the time he communicated with costas of goldrush paranormal.

  • isaiah villareal
    isaiah villareal

    Good video miss the dude should do prodigy next from mobb deep would love to hear what he gots to say

  • SethothVoid

    Where can I get one of these?

  • Grace Valverde
    Grace Valverde

    with people died tower of nyc or Elvis Presley

  • summer church
    summer church

    he didn’t say we gotta stay together i heard the southside is coming together

  • Hollie Dyer
    Hollie Dyer

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  • Yella Diamond
    Yella Diamond

    I do not claim any dark spirits from this video god protect me and god bless everyone that’s watching with me 🧿🧿🧿🙏🏻

  • Pussy frl
    Pussy frl

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    prettymia tv

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    Malaysia Nunez

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    Owolabi Badejo

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  • Jada Thompson
    Jada Thompson

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  • Robert Culpeppel
    Robert Culpeppel

    Please do a session for Prodigy from the Infamous Mobb Deep, his government name is Albert Johnson, has millions of fans and I know we would all appreciate it

  • stc squad
    stc squad

    i'm not claiming any bad spirit from this video , god bless everyone

  • Jessii Mamii
    Jessii Mamii

    "He's my homie" I nearly cried when I heard Tupac talk about Biggie like that. They were good friends growing up, I'm glad they are together and at peace.

    • Nyaze Christian
      Nyaze Christian

      They didn't grow up together

    • Asia

      Me to

    • DrakkoPR

      @Alahna Whitner they are not friends anymore

    • Alahna Whitner
      Alahna Whitner

      they seem like good friends.

  • Jordan Small
    Jordan Small

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  • Gerald wambua
    Gerald wambua

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    Deandre Mcguire

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    Whitney Joseph

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  • Life as Mae
    Life as Mae

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  • Camila P
    Camila P

    Cody you should do “Indian red boy” he’s a 21 year old who died fatally shot in his car not long ago. Gang violence ..

    • Camila P
      Camila P

      His bio name is Zerail Rivera

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    Tiffany Short

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    Genesis Longoria

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    Anastasia Stewart

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    Jada Hutchins

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  • Dally C
    Dally C

    This was one of the most clearest conversation I have ever heard along side Lorraine warren with the spirits box💗

  • S S
    S S

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    Lady Lowe

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  • Ayye Marley
    Ayye Marley

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  • Rhonda Jackson
    Rhonda Jackson

    What!😑😏so how do we know this is Tupac,if this box could possibly pick up conversation from the dead,How do you know its one particular person?

    • God'sChild.!

      I thinking that to

  • Jweezy808

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    Kiamarie T

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    Official Teemoh

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    Time Bomb Records

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