JFK Spirit Box Session | SECRETS EXPOSED? Aliens & MORE... (John F Kennedy)
JFK Spirit Box Session | SECRETS EXPOSED? Aliens & MORE... (John F Kennedy)
Today, we get in contact with who I believe to be the spirit of John F Kennedy. In the spirit box session, we ask JFK questions about his knowledge relating around the events which followed the end of his life and also about conspiracy theories relating to extraterrestrials (aliens), The shadow government, and much more!

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    Cody ITC

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      Laine Atkins

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    Stephen Quinn

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    Zara Donnelly

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    Aubri Mays

    This is by far my FAVORITE session! This is all so accurate! The amount of research I’ve done on numerous species of alien life conclude we each come from different species

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    Young Banked

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    Ethienne De Gagne

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    Nicole Vidana-Herrera

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    bethandreese butler

    Wow in this video the people he is referring to as they is known as the cabal! They are still working and doing loads beneath the ground! I recommend you watch cosmic disclosure on Gaia:)

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    Interesting how he didn't answer if his son is with him on the other side. Great session. 👍

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    Gabriel Morales

    What I think about this is that we all need to wake up and see the bigger pic

  • MoneyChoppa1053 - Music
    MoneyChoppa1053 - Music

    Hey Cody just so you know there was a person that was in front of John Kennedy and he was known to be as Abraham Lincoln and he was in the passenger seat right in front of John Kennedy and he was the one that was also shot right before John Kennedy was shot in the back of the head

  • _ Sundal
    _ Sundal

    Incredible. Nice work. I wish you would connect with Costas at goldrush paranormal

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    Amina Everett

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    martin webb

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