A LOST SOUL Finds The Light! | HEART TOUCHING Spirit Box Session. (CLEAR REPLIES)
A LOST SOUL Finds The Light! | HEART TOUCHING Spirit Box Session. (CLEAR REPLIES)

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  • Kayla Schmitt
    Kayla Schmitt

    A personal session please! I know my grandpa would join us


    Can you do a spirit box session for the victims of Alex Alex murdaugh

  • GiftOfGlitters MY
    GiftOfGlitters MY

    Hi Cody! This is amazing. Are you able to get in touch with anyone from the MH370 flight that went missing? They're saying now that the Captain did pre meditated it and did a "murder-suicide" is what they call it. About 270 passengers were in that plane.

  • BlackMagic Woman
    BlackMagic Woman

    Yes please keep doing this💜

  • RoBs KrAzY KorNeR CrAnE
    RoBs KrAzY KorNeR CrAnE

    Could you help me? My grandfather was killed in 1987, protecting me and a friend. I never got to say goodbye to him.

  • Shaniah Quintana
    Shaniah Quintana

    I’d like you to find my Dad. I’ve never known if my mother really was the cause to his death or not. ❤️ My siblings and I really need closure.

  • SWX 13
    SWX 13

    Wish I met Jonah in this life, he seems nice. Maybe in the next life

  • Devon Young
    Devon Young

    That's Amazing you help him.💝🥰

  • Enrique Ramirez
    Enrique Ramirez

    That was Beautiful😭😭

  • Christina Serrano
    Christina Serrano

    Wow Amazing I would love to get in contact with my mother who’s been gone 21 years

  • Kellie Ferrantelli
    Kellie Ferrantelli

    How about President George Bush Sr. or President John F Kennedy?

  • Rachel Fowler
    Rachel Fowler

    I'd love too contact a friend I witnessed be murdered in front of me in 2016. I need to know if he thinks I had something to do with it? Is name is harlee Watson. Please dm me on fb. Rachel Fowler, Im wear clear framed glasses holding my son in the profile picture.

  • Musclemaniac 619
    Musclemaniac 619

    Please try to reach out to my grandfather 👴 Antonio German tell him Bernard wants to reach out to him

  • Skyler Andrews
    Skyler Andrews

    Please do x again i have a feeling he want to say something😕


    If you haven’t plz do Eazy e 😢

  • Tenn Stacks
    Tenn Stacks

    Do one on Patrice Oneal!!!!!

  • jeanette iacovone
    jeanette iacovone

    Awesome….. please try to contact my son Rocco

  • Christopher Davis
    Christopher Davis

    Can you get in touch with my dad there so many questions I need answered on how he got murder and how I can make him proud I feel like been failing him there just so many questions and answer I want and would love to help my family with

  • Katy

    My 6yr olds dad passed last September 2020 of cancer, he and I spoke the night before he died. Cody I would really love for you to try and contact him for as he was terrified of dying, he didn't want to go and was scared. Please let me know if you would like his name x

  • Ben Sheargold
    Ben Sheargold

    My brother died June 22 this year. His name is Jaimie follett. I would love to hear from him

  • Nesbitt


  • DJIGNOR3 Music
    DJIGNOR3 Music

    Do You do request ?

  • Andrew Lint
    Andrew Lint

    My friend been trying to talk to her grandma and she watches ur videos

  • Indigo Moon
    Indigo Moon

    Yes please. Celebrities are over done & each spirit has a unique view on things.

  • j p
    j p

    Wow Cody I have to say this session brought tears to my eyes Great session

  • Tyiesha Randall
    Tyiesha Randall

    I claim no negative energy from this video

  • PoeMoe Godspeed TV
    PoeMoe Godspeed TV

    Yes daily basis

  • Marcus Grant
    Marcus Grant

    When are you going live Im very interested in this

  • Ormar Walker
    Ormar Walker

    Jamar Walker that’s my twin brother he died from cancer can I hear from him ?

  • Ormar Walker
    Ormar Walker

    Do Trayvon Martin

  • Angel Shirley Rice
    Angel Shirley Rice

    can you reach out to Brian Givens he just died and please bring up me his daughter angel rice !!

  • Life With Timothy
    Life With Timothy

    Can you try do bring my uncle to the box his name is donell westbrook

  • Leah Stokley
    Leah Stokley

    please do ZARIA BURGESS

  • Kira kira
    Kira kira


  • Za,niya Pritchet
    Za,niya Pritchet

    can you do my mom please keisa pritchett and tell her that I love her

  • Fallon Parks
    Fallon Parks

    I lost loved ones 1966 to 2021 I want hear from them who ever will come through drake or Harrison or parks who ever will come through

  • Rudy Martinez
    Rudy Martinez

    I have a question how do you find your spirit Guide

  • Victoriana McGowan
    Victoriana McGowan

    Do Gakariah Barnes aka KI... They said king von killed her

  • tina pooler
    tina pooler

    I would really love and hope if you tried to get in touch with Jim Morrison thank you

  • Guappo The Kidd
    Guappo The Kidd

    We as man can help spirits find the light by visualizing it and thoughts of love. They will see the light and it's a door to our world and the spirit realm or our natural spirit home

  • Aerionusz Exumas-Jimenez
    Aerionusz Exumas-Jimenez

    Your Awesome id Love to reach out to my Aunt Suzette Crawford my name is Ronny may God Bless You!❤️

  • miwuan greene
    miwuan greene

    My guy shoulda believed in god before he died now god punished him🤦🏽

  • Gage Alleyne
    Gage Alleyne

    u might not reply to this but please when u have time, it wouldnt be hard special hes spirit is strong

  • Anthony Dagenais
    Anthony Dagenais

    Plz do Lil peep

  • moreswaggythanyou

    i really wish i had one. my grand mother just passed and out of all her kids and their children she decided to choose me as the favorite. she loved me because she thought my father didnt want me. she was very religious. i really wish i knew how she was doing

  • Oraidas

    I think it was Tim Dog!

  • Argiro #_#
    Argiro #_#


  • Dylan Snellgrove
    Dylan Snellgrove

    I do not allow any negative energy to attach its self to me in the name of god!

  • Noeline Renwick
    Noeline Renwick

    Hi CodyITC, can you please ask to speak to my niece Sandy Eastough, please notify me when and if you do, many thanks, Noeline

  • Toni Rojas
    Toni Rojas


  • Dakota Dirden
    Dakota Dirden

    Hey Cody can you possibly do my mom? Me and her were fighting when she passed away I need reassurance please

  • Little Nugget
    Little Nugget

    God. To talk to my grandpa again. It would make my heart full again

  • Dianna Running Hawk
    Dianna Running Hawk

    This made me tear up 🥲😪

  • Dianna Running Hawk
    Dianna Running Hawk

    So many questions!

  • Faisal H.
    Faisal H.

    Amazing got him in to the light.

  • Links313

    I wonder if spirits of people who can't speak English would be able to come through?

  • Jennifer Kirr
    Jennifer Kirr

    I could like to talk to my Aunt Barbara Harlos, My Father-in-law George Kirr, Uncle Paul Doran, and Grandpa and Grandma Doran

  • Chance 21
    Chance 21

    You should do one on David Pleiades son from the 411 missing

  • Brandon Gale
    Brandon Gale

    That nearly made me tear up what he said throughout especially the end

  • Natalie Smith
    Natalie Smith

    Yes please try and reach my husband, Mike Smith, gone so young 🥺💔

  • Jenrs044

    That was awesome. You helped him find the light! He went to find his daughter!

  • Kourtney Schaffer
    Kourtney Schaffer

    Also the replies were incredible.

  • Kourtney Schaffer
    Kourtney Schaffer

    Love all your content, but i like the randomness of opening the portal and just seeing who comes through.

  • Tri Wex
    Tri Wex

    I love these videos I would love to see more of these also see if you can reach to Robin Williams!!!

  • written stories
    written stories

    open the box up for all spirits that are good.

  • Kevin Holquist
    Kevin Holquist


  • Mark Goforth
    Mark Goforth

    I like it I would like to get in touch with my ex wife

  • Kariel nation
    Kariel nation

    God for gives everyone no matter what u did in life he will forget the old u he will focus on the new y

  • Brandon Short
    Brandon Short

    you should try to get ahold of my pa😔

  • Rickey Moncure
    Rickey Moncure

    Can you do one for me I need to know what happen to my cousin 😭

  • sally meese
    sally meese

    I would love to contact my partner he past away 2 weeks ago.

  • NeedHammy19

    Keep on going bro plz❤️

  • Pamela

    That was so clear and so beautiful absolutely beautiful

  • Serendipity By Melanie
    Serendipity By Melanie

    Second request. Reach out to a murderer after they have passed. Do they meet their victim on the other side and how did it go. Thank you Cody

  • Liza Lopez
    Liza Lopez

    I would definitely wanna hear from my loved one. I lost her at 11!

  • Lawana Anliker
    Lawana Anliker

    Where do I get one of those Spirit boxes

  • PerqiVibez

    Well i think can hear and pretty sure if u can contact the other side maybe u can contact the bad people 😶

  • Sabrina Santos
    Sabrina Santos

    Can you please try to contact DeeDee Blanchard ! She was killed by her daughters boyfriend..

  • Life As Kayb
    Life As Kayb

    It would be cool if you could contact my brother who died in a car crash in 2001

  • Caitlin Rosta
    Caitlin Rosta

    I would volunteer. My father and my cousin would come through strong !

  • sandy leos
    sandy leos

    Can you contact Prince and Vanity and see if there together thanks

  • Vanessa Brooks
    Vanessa Brooks

    Totally Amazing thank you

  • michelle krenrich
    michelle krenrich

    That was amazing!

  • Gloria Cuevas
    Gloria Cuevas

    Can you do Ed and Lorraine Warren

  • Courtney Collins
    Courtney Collins

    Can u do Bernie Mac Please🙏🗣

  • Bisetsa Eric
    Bisetsa Eric

    my brother was 16 when he got shot Feb 15-2020 i wonder what he saying bcz i’m hurt🤐


    Public session with box

  • Finessin_Dreamer42


  • Finessin_Dreamer42

    Do Paul walker please

  • Marie love
    Marie love

    I would love to do my brother

    • Summer Richards
      Summer Richards

      Yessss omg

  • PandaPlayz

    Can you do more celebrity's that died plssssssss I like hearing this

  • Brenda Alejandro
    Brenda Alejandro

    Can you please do my twin sister Angeliz pls 😭😭😭 she died 😣😣😣😣😔😔😔🥺😰😭😖

  • Kelly Brock
    Kelly Brock

    I think its awesome that you open it up so other spirits to come through and talk I would love to see a lot more videos like this

  • Stephanie Ceja
    Stephanie Ceja

    I really liked this. I think this is good content and I'd like to see more. Maybe you'll be able to help more spirits

  • HGonzalez

    Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp

  • ReekGaming TV
    ReekGaming TV

    Do bando hothead and lil durk brother

  • Jo Harland
    Jo Harland

    I'm scared that when I go I can't find the light

  • MeMe Booker
    MeMe Booker

    I like this one's. They are pretty cool

  • Krimelordz

    Could you do one specifically on the spirit of Aliens 👽??

  • Delko

    You should ask George if he would do a video