GHOST Family Speaks! Miraculous Spirit Box Session (
GHOST Family Speaks! Miraculous Spirit Box Session ( )
Today, I decided to test out the new IRglo shorts feature by featuring a clip that was only available on our TikTok page.
This is by far one of the most amazing pieces a spirit communication that I have recorded in a long time.

  • Cody ITC
    Cody ITC

    This is testing the new IRglo shorts feature. This is not a full video or our official video of the week.

    • Bianca marie Aguero
      Bianca marie Aguero


    • EishaFan Page
      EishaFan Page

      Hi Cody ! Can you do kiondria Richards ?

    • Munster_ 13
      Munster_ 13

      Hey Cody on the ig I comment you about Sandra bland

    • Wendyy Veronica
      Wendyy Veronica

      could u contact Jonbenét Ramsey

    • The Demon
      The Demon

      051 melly plz ot will break the Internet his story is wild

  • Brii 2Lovely
    Brii 2Lovely

    Do we have to pay to listen to a family member ?? I want my nephews dad Joshua Galvan he was just murdered

  • Gloria Davis
    Gloria Davis

    Hello Cody! Can you do the old Superman 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️😏 the first that was coming on in the 50ty in black and white television 📺 🤔 era. 🥰

  • Tiffany Read
    Tiffany Read

    Will this video ever make it to the channel I would love to see it!🤞🤞

  • Dandre Green
    Dandre Green

    Can you my Ann she dead Kathryn

  • Kelly Brock
    Kelly Brock

    Thank you cody for everything that you do allowing spirits to come through it's very sweet and pretty cool keep it up... question could I ask a favor please if you wouldn't mind doing cousin he was murdered I just want to know what really happened I'll pay if it cost Jesse mcfall is his name

  • Dg_Zowejk 10k
    Dg_Zowejk 10k

    That's my family

  • Shannon McCarthy
    Shannon McCarthy

    Could you please Alonzo Brooks and Rey Rivera? Their story is on the new Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix? Would love to see if you put it out there!

  • Amarra

    Can I pay you to please talk to my great grandparents? 🤔

  • Kevin Rios
    Kevin Rios

    How do you do that?

  • ME ME
    ME ME

    Just use this adjustment with your videos Cody Use this content with your videos the same way you used in this one shown

  • Ashley Akins
    Ashley Akins

    If you haven’t already, please do Marilyn Monroe


    This is ,wow

  • Britt Pomales
    Britt Pomales

    Do kurt cobain please

  • who are you
    who are you

    pls contact biggie small

  • Irma Reyes
    Irma Reyes


  • EishaFan Page
    EishaFan Page

    Hi Cody ! Can you do kiondria Richards ?

  • Mayee

    God i do not claim any bad energey please protect my family and other thank you god.

  • DrxpDxtt

    La capone?

  • Raniya Freeney
    Raniya Freeney

    Their names are Mark and ray ray plssssssssssss can you

  • Raniya Freeney
    Raniya Freeney

    Can you do my fam that will be the World to me

  • Claire Deyes
    Claire Deyes

    Can u do my nanny please

  • Marcus Puzio
    Marcus Puzio

    Great work

  • Veros

    It be cool if you did a spirit box session with Zyzz

  • dabeast_guns26

    Can you talk to my grandpa that passed away a few years ago it was tragic for my family especially for my mom

    • dabeast_guns26

      @Bianca it’s ok I just wanted to maybe see how grandpa was doing and if he still visits us and stuff

    • Bianca

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately Cody doesn’t do personal / private sessions. 😔🙏🏻❤️

  • AR


  • Pamela

    Awesome looking forward to new videos waiting patiently lol so love your channel

  • hardcoreshiznit

    Do jfk

  • Myra Hidalgo
    Myra Hidalgo

    Hello Cody, When you get a chance do you mind doing a session on JonBenet Ramsey Beauty pageant queen. That remains a cold case 24 years later no answer yet. 😢😢😢

  • Lamonte Allen
    Lamonte Allen

    Cody can you do young pappy

  • Sinister Edna
    Sinister Edna

    Hi Cody it’s me again! I was wondering if you can contact Elisa Lam or ask the spirits what happen to her inside the Cecil Hotel!

  • lilmikeTV

    Do 2pac

  • Ec3 Ec3
    Ec3 Ec3

    Can you please do comedian Bernie mac next?


    Can you do baby ceo?

  • Camilla Gizzi
    Camilla Gizzi

    Please can you do Kurt Cobain?😊

  • Big Tae
    Big Tae

    Do baby ceo

  • King Youngan J
    King Youngan J

    Kurt Cobain Should Speak And Give Us Answers🙏

  • King Youngan J
    King Youngan J

    Kurt Cobain Should Speak And Give Us Answers🙏

  • Lidia Cortez
    Lidia Cortez

    Marilyn Monroe and Nathaly Wood...

  • Ales Drago
    Ales Drago

    I also use your methods, but do stones have a particular meaning? Or just use the environment? Do they serve as energy?

    • Bianca

      Stones are mostly for energy for spirits to use. For example rock crystal. And there are stones to protect you. 🙏🏻 Most mediums/psychics I know work with rock crystal, amethyst or Celestine. Amethyst is my favorite to use next to rock crystal, bc we do not use a spirit box. 😉 We use our senses to connect with the spirit world and amethyst can help with that; make it stronger.

  • Anna Maria Pierangeli
    Anna Maria Pierangeli

    Cody can you please do River Phoenix, James Dean and Kurt Cobain! Thank you. God bless you !

  • Sarah Perez
    Sarah Perez

    Chester Bennington please!!🙏🏼

  • Mary Christine Newell
    Mary Christine Newell

    Thank you Cody 😊

  • Anghela Kane
    Anghela Kane

    I would love to hear what 2021 will bring, after the inauguration

  • Zan Ghafoor
    Zan Ghafoor

    Can you do Mac Miller

  • we liT
    we liT


  • Birleane Smith
    Birleane Smith

    When are you posting the full video



  • Bar Mizrahi
    Bar Mizrahi

    Please make a video with Anna Nicole Smith! I love her so much and I’m curious about her

  • Gemma Clark
    Gemma Clark

    Sounds Great & Even Though it's Short & Sweet You Still Get More Evps Than 20mins Of Other IRglors Doing Sessions!😁💛💛🙏

  • Little Drew Nalbone
    Little Drew Nalbone

    Can you try to get in contact with my dad Andrew Jackson Nalbone

  • Armeezzyy

    Hi a young girl was shot I believe 5 days ago at a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. She was 16 her name is Kalecia Williams. Please do a spirit box video on her.

  • Sumuya

    That was so cute 😊. They sounded like a family just passing through and stopped for a moment to admire this new technology. I like the random spirit talk 😊. Thank you for also sharing the short clips.

    • Jada Johnson
      Jada Johnson

      It kind of reminds me of an old couple admiring the new technology!

  • Selvinho

    Do 2pac please

  • K K-Bootsie
    K K-Bootsie

    Cody, super neat as always! Thank you!

  • lil Gamer18
    lil Gamer18

    Cody can you do bob Ross

  • Elaine Emery
    Elaine Emery

    Just teasing us Kody 👀😆❤💚💜💙💛

  • Keanu River Depp
    Keanu River Depp

    Please add river phoenix to the list 💚

  • Jenny Love Paranormal TV
    Jenny Love Paranormal TV

    0:32 sounded like they said "I need help" This was so cool!

  • Carlos Montoya
    Carlos Montoya

    Love your videos so much you don’t understand 🔥🔥🔥🔥🥶💙

  • chris flynn
    chris flynn

    awesome bro keep up the good work

    • chris flynn
      chris flynn

      @Cody ITC you are very welcome bro

    • Cody ITC
      Cody ITC

      Thanks so much Chris!

  • Brad Silvers
    Brad Silvers

    Cody...been with u awhile sister died found her in bed...we suspect her husband...her name is Marsha...

    • Brad Silvers
      Brad Silvers

      @Sarah D thanks

    • Sarah D
      Sarah D

      @Brad Silvers Reverand Donna Seraphina. She's a medium and I definitely trust her! She does readings if you email her. She's on IRglo

    • Brad Silvers
      Brad Silvers

      @M el nothing as of now my dude but will keep trying

    • M el
      M el

      I’m sorry for your loss. I really hope you find answers.

  • Justin Korjatschko
    Justin Korjatschko

    Can you do lil peep please?

  • Tony Hetherington
    Tony Hetherington

    Can you contact Princess Di, George Michael or David Bowie?

  • Porshia Badger
    Porshia Badger

    Hello Cody can you please do Kurt Cobain there’s so many answers we need

    • Janelle Noble
      Janelle Noble

      I’ve also asked Cody to do him also & he said he would try!

    • jj


    • Vianna Rodriguez
      Vianna Rodriguez

      That’s an awesome one! Please do I really want to find out deeply what happened to him

    • STK Sicario
      STK Sicario

      Good one

  • Lady Capricorn Tarot
    Lady Capricorn Tarot

    This is awesome! It felt like this family didn’t even realize they were gone.. I’m glad you were able to share their communication with us. You connect so well to the spirit realm.. keep up the great work!❤️🙏🏼

    • Enlightened Gal moooshie
      Enlightened Gal moooshie

      Cody is there a longer video with this family? Cody you are so special for doing all of this. I love your work. I will always be a loyal fan of yours. You never fail to amaze me.

    • Turquoise Spiritual Reality
      Turquoise Spiritual Reality

      How did they die ?

    • Lady Capricorn Tarot
      Lady Capricorn Tarot

      @Cody ITC this was awesome 👏🏼

    • Cody ITC
      Cody ITC

      Thanks so much! This was one of my favourite clips!

  • Speedy Thunder
    Speedy Thunder

    ❤️ she asked if it was safe Maggie seems like a sweet heart and the family too

  • Bianca

    Nice to hear this. Thank you. 🙏🏻

    • Bianca

      @Cody ITC I love it! ❤️👌🏻🙏🏻

    • Cody ITC
      Cody ITC

      You’re most very welcome! I don’t believe I’ve ever uploaded this video to IRglo. I think this was a TickTock video only. I’m trying to test out this new IRglo feature for videos under 60 seconds.

  • love and light parnormal
    love and light parnormal

    With using the sp7 connected to my spirit box I’m trying to get better messages I’m thinking of adding delay to my spirit box what do you think cody

    • Cody ITC
      Cody ITC

      Noise decimator 2

    • love and light parnormal
      love and light parnormal

      Cody ITc what is best to use that would take out the background noise on the sp7 when it switches through the stations

    • Cody ITC
      Cody ITC

      Hey! Some effects do help spirits especially delays and reverb.

  • EA801