Mac Miller Spirit Box | HE'S AT THE BEACH? | (SHOCKING)
Mac Miller spirit box session. hear what I believe to be the spirit of Mac Miller speak to us through the worlds clearest spirit box!

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  • greencrack

    Wait u can die from a drug overdose and go to heaven lucky.

  • Tonya Henry
    Tonya Henry

    This gave me goosebumps ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Rebecca Boyar
    Rebecca Boyar

    This is just discovered Cody but can you do Gabby Petito please. 🙏💝

  • gravity718

    Hey Cody, Is it possible you could do a spirit box session with heath ledger ? He died young and I’m sure many of us would love to know how he is doing.

  • Joshosrs

    Can you do lil peep

  • TheRealMarkieSister

    harriet tubman

  • Young Soulja
    Young Soulja

    He said mama if you hear footsteps that's me this just got me hard

  • Angelalisa Pitts
    Angelalisa Pitts

    Protect us all from any bad & negative energy while & after watching this video Amen

  • Nevik ~ Luqa
    Nevik ~ Luqa

    who tf left mac in the black lodge bro

  • Mr Noddles
    Mr Noddles

    Muhammad Ali should be in your next vid 😎❤️

  • WollyCatapillar

    Who else thinks this is bull

  • Brandy Scott
    Brandy Scott

    😭😭😭😭😭 let Malcolm have his light

  • Maxine Gonzales
    Maxine Gonzales

    I was thinking maybe he talked slow becisse of how he died. I wonder if that plays a factor

  • Caitlyn Alexander
    Caitlyn Alexander

    Can u do lil peep

  • Alaina Joyce
    Alaina Joyce

    I was wondering if you can get in touch with Freddy E. He was a huge IRglor and passed away back in 2013 by suicide. I just want to make sure his at peace

  • Life With The Harajuku Barbie
    Life With The Harajuku Barbie

    He fought being dead because of Ariana 🥲

  • emorytraylor

    You are awesome man keep it up. In was if i can purchase that machine that you have? I really wanted to contact my father.

  • Hanah Tuttle
    Hanah Tuttle

    I genuinely would pay you if you could reach through to my father. I need to know if he’s okay or not and if it was an accident.

  • Russ Greco
    Russ Greco

    I felt so bad for him when he said I have no one

  • Gabe 194b Becerra
    Gabe 194b Becerra

    I hope Those spirits hunt me😟

  • Jellyjugman

    I do not claim any bad spirits from this video. God Bless Mac Miller, Me, and Everyone watching

  • babycakesred vee
    babycakesred vee

    Please protect him God from any bad spirits. ❤ .

  • Jagoda Śliwa
    Jagoda Śliwa

    He’s sad there.. he miss his life, i can feel it

  • jasmine wood
    jasmine wood

    could you do my dead friend

  • Alyssa Valenzuela
    Alyssa Valenzuela

    Can you do lil peep!

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    Kate Wadlington

    can you do Prince Rogers Nailson ?

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    Kevin Morales

    Non of them say what god looks like

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    Te amo 93

    Can you do one on Cam'ron Boyce from Disney channel Jessie show

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    Kea McKay

    Could you please do Sharon Tate. The Manson family murdered her and her unborn child

  • Kianna Nicholle
    Kianna Nicholle

    Cody. Please read this. My son passed away last year right after he was born. I would like to know if anybody’s holding him. Taking care of him. His name is Malachi. I would appreciate you more than you would ever know I want to know if he’s safe. I want to know if the people that I have lost are up there taking care of him for me until I get to meet him again. I need to know that my baby is where he is supposed to be. My heart is still broken I need to know he’s OK I need him to know that I’m taking care of his twin brother and his older brother and that I pray for him every single day of my life


    This is so sad to hear


    Let's all be protected from bad spirits

  • Joey Shady
    Joey Shady

    Lil Peep

  • Katherine Hoyt
    Katherine Hoyt

    Please do Mac Miller again ❤️

  • falkxnorr

    Please protect everyone from the bad spirits.

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    Malaysia Nunez

    I do not claim any bad energy from this video protect me and my family and everyone watching 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️

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    Airiana Jenay

    May we all be protected from any bad spirits amen


    I accept NO bad energy. AMEN!

  • Selena Guerrero
    Selena Guerrero

    Hey can you do me a favor and contact my sister Nixmary Brown? I want you to tell her that I miss her, that I love her and ask how shes been? Also just ask her if there’s anything she wants to say. Thank you I appreciate it!

  • Yesii Blank
    Yesii Blank

    Can you do Helen Keller

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    Andria Bri★

    Like that one scene in grays anatomy

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    Genesis Longoria

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    SOS Gaming

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    Lili’s Channel

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    Marlene Gallegos

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    Kassity Gromer

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    Missy Raven

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    Tyiesha Randall

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  • BLACKBOI- 239
    BLACKBOI- 239

    This is my first time hearing this and its scary. I wish Cody could make contact with my mom

  • OnGang

    God bless everyone and all my family while we continue to tackle life

  • Devon Cowen
    Devon Cowen

    I love you Mac!

  • Madison

    7:22 Mac is talking about his life with Ariana & how he misses it 🥺😩

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    Jair Rosales

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    Quentin Fifield

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    Marissa Mattingly

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    Sara Silverman


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    Jenn LovesBert

    I love the Ocean..I Live for the beach..I’m so excited there’s a beach on the other side..I will be chilling, looking for shells, smoking Joints,smelling lilacs and seeing my friends and family All day for an eternity

  • courtney filipanszisz
    courtney filipanszisz

    I think around 2:38 he says “this things sweet”

  • Dylan Snellgrove
    Dylan Snellgrove

    Lord I do not claim any negative energy from these videos.

  • Annette Melnychuk
    Annette Melnychuk

    He sounded so sad

  • Annette Melnychuk
    Annette Melnychuk

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    Kasi Davis

    I’d love an Abraham Lincoln or MLK

  • C-Note Cash
    C-Note Cash

    I fw your channel bro. Question tho, usually people go to where the person lived or passed away to use spirit box. How do you know your getting the specific person your looking for at the location your at?

  • Jordan Sutton
    Jordan Sutton

    I’ll never forget he left thinking ari and pete would be married

  • LiloAndStitcbedTogether

    I can picture him crying when he died and at first there is nothing but darkness. Then he sees rainbows but he’s underneath oceans. He’s not drowning but thats what it feel like. He then suddenly gets lifted up and all around him is nothing but clear sky. Crying still, he looks up, but this time the tears rolling down his cheek are from joy and relief. The last tear drops to the ocean he felt drowning in. Hes finally made it.

  • Jada Johnson
    Jada Johnson

    7:42 I just wanted to hug him :( I hope he finds more friends!

  • Jada Johnson
    Jada Johnson

    He sure is fighting to talk to you!

  • Susan Perron
    Susan Perron

    Please try to get through to Steve Cash he was a IRglo or he had the talking kitty cat series. He was so loved and continues to be. Steve took his own life I’m sure you know of him.

  • lilwescost915

    rip mac

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    Tabitha Parnell-Sims

    In different worlds, waiting to face God.

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    CTB derricc

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    Jo Harland

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    plz do a spirit boxses on tooka

  • War Ready ENT.
    War Ready ENT.

    Macs energy just has to stay strong he is depressed and his energy drains faster maybe you can get more out of him like info on Cameron Petit his Drug dealer that caused his OD

  • War Ready ENT.
    War Ready ENT.

    Do another Mac Miller Spirit box session if you can please and find out if there will be a new Person like Mac Miller

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    written stories

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    Susan Andrews

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    Hey it's Kim

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  • Stakzz

    The album title "swimming" means he wasnt drowning in his struggles but swimming or still afloat. He wanted to get clean but knew he wasnt ready